14 November 2022



We’ve recently added another new piece of testing equipment to our Exercise + Rehabilitation Area – ForceDecks.


ForceDecks allows quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement, providing auto-analysed results in real-time.


With this equipment our Physiotherapists can analyse your balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps. They can monitor rehabilitation progress and injury risk, collect baseline data, and improve performance.


The dual plate system and software automatically detect movements and display results relative to past tests so your Physio can immediately see how you performed compared to your historical results.


Through this system, our team are able to take the guessing out of rehabilitation timelines and milestones, and tailor the most appropriate treatment plan and progressions for our patients.




Check out the ForceDecks Dual Force Plate System Video:




For an appointment with one of our Physiotherapist, who's trained to use this equipment for patient evaluation and ongoing treatment, please call 9481 5744 and speak to our friendly reception staff.