Our Podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and management of foot disorders and injuries associated with foot and ankle function. Much of their work is assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, as well as orthotic management.

Our podiatrists can assess and treat foot and ankle injuries and disorders, and also provide treatment for skin and nail conditions such as blisters, calluses and ingrown toenails, particularly for patients with diabetes. They can also provide footwear assessments, conduct video gait analysis and prescribe foot orthoses for lower limb realignment. 

Their particular interest are in the treatment of lower limb, foot and ankle injuries such as:  

Shin pain
Knee pain
Ankle sprains
Stress fractures
Heel pain
Achilles tendon injury
Plantar fasciitis


Shockwave Therapy can also be accessed through our Clinic’s Podiatry services.


For further information on our Podiatrists, please see our Practitioner Profiles page.