Our Physiotherapists have expertise in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. They specialise in an exercise orientated, active rehabilitation approach and also in the development of preventive programs for sports injuries and for post-operative rehabilitation. These exercise programs can be in the form of home based programs, one-on-one sessions or group exercise classes.


Our Clinic has an impressive range of equipment including gym, pilates and various other rehabilitation apparatus that will allow the right exercise program to be developed for you. All of our physiotherapists are skilled in joint mobilising, soft tissue massage and the use of tape and braces. Many have the additional qualification in dry needling.


Most of the Physiotherapists currently working at Alphington Sports Medicine Exercise + Rehabilitation have post graduate qualifications and are involved in the care of elite athletes in a variety of sports. This had led to many of our Physiotherapists having sport specific and injury specific special interests. Most have also attained the Sports Physiotherapy title bestowed on Physiotherapists recognised to have specialist sports physiotherapy knowledge and skills. Some have attained specialist qualifications or completed PhDs to further expand on their physiotherapy experience and management. 


Our expertise in managing musculoskeletal injuries extends to the workplace, and our Physiotherapists have associations with businesses where they consult onsite to assess, manage and prevent work related injuries. If you would like us to consult at your work, please contact us for further information.


Some of our Physiotherapists also offer specialised services – consultations are available in the following areas:


For further information, please visit our practitioner profiles.