Exercise based rehabilitation programs can provide effective management for many injuries sustained in sport, work and daily life.

Or Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist (EP) can develop an exercise rehabilitation program that is specific to your needs. They can evaluate your injury, surgical procedure or health issue and guide you with your exercise so that you can strive for the best functional outcome. It caters for individuals of all ages and exercise needs, whether you are a confident gym or pilates participant or a newcomer.

These exercise programs can be in the form of home based programs, programs for you to complete in our well equipped Exercise Area (gym, pilates and more) or to take to your own gym. Exercise rehabilitation at our clinic can be in the form of one-on-one sessions or group exercise classes (link).

The Exercise Area is comprehensively equipped with gym equipment that allows each limb to be exercised independently, pilates reformers and trap tables and a range of other rehabilitation equipment.


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