Massage can be beneficial for everyone, from infancy and childhood, through adult life and in later years.

It enhances alertness, creates body awareness, stimulates local blood supply and lymphatic fluids, and alleviates discomfort during pregnancy.

Massage also assists in stress management, reducing levels of anxiety, relieving muscular tension, treating musculoskeletal-skeletal problems, post operative rehabilitation, increasing joint flexibility, and rehabilitation after sprain/strain injury.

Remedial Massage

Remedial addresses your specific musculoskeletal-skeletal injury a step further. By using a variety of massage techniques, we can reduce your pain, increase your range of movement, and provide you with greater flexibility. This enables you to move with more comfort and confidence.

We can do this by:

Assessing your current musculoskeletal-skeletal problems, developing and carrying out an agreed treatment plan, evaluating the effects of your treatment, providing education to assist understanding and awareness of how your body works (promoting a sense of empowerment), and recommending an ongoing program of stretching and strengthening exercises to compliment your treatment plan.


Pre-event massage complements the warm-up, increasing circulation to the muscles, helping relieve pre-event nervous tension assisting focus on the task ahead, and protecting against soft tissue injury.

Post-event massage during cool down, relieves muscle soreness, helps to eliminate lactic build up, accelerates recovery by minimising the effects of fatigue, reduces muscle tension, relieves spasms and cramps, and lowers stress levels. A large number of injuries can be treated, these include: corked thigh, muscle spasms, cramps, muscle strain, joint pain, over-use- tennis elbow, shin splint, sciatica.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is a vastly under-utilised tool for fostering a healthy pregnancy that can benefit pregnant women and their baby enormously. As the body grows often excess strain and tension is placed on your back and your skins elasticity. Regular massage can help prevent the development of stretch marks and ease body aches and pains. 

Backache and Sciatia

Backache and Sciatia can have a wide variety of causes. These can range from problems in the spinal column with ligaments, discs, inflammation, bony spur growth, nerve, and the nerve root impingement; through to muscular and other soft tissue disturbances both adjacent to and further from the spine. The appropriate use of massage can often provide dramatic relief. Techniques will vary from advice through to heat, relaxation massage, Trigger Point Therapy or stretching in appropriate combination. 


Sessions can be booked with our Massage Therapists for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Please see the practitioner profiles page for further information on each of our Massage Therapists.