Do you have low bone mass?

Are you at risk of falls?

If so, we can help!

Our Osteoporosis/Osteopenia and Falls Program is a high intensity resistance and impact program aimed at strengthening bone and muscle. It also works on balance, which can reduce your risk of falls.


Our Exercise Physiologist will use state-of-the-art testing equipment, including Force Decks, Force Frames and Handheld Dynamometers, to measure your muscle strength and balance.

Over the 12-week program you will receive three sets of feedback about your muscle strength, balance and function, including how they are progressing.


How the Program is conducted:

  1. Enroll in the program via our reception and complete the background information required on the Referral Form (this can be done by your doctor/medical practitioner, or yourself).
  2. Initial consultation with our Exercise Physiologist. This will include goal setting plus muscle and functional testing.
  3. Follow-up consultation with our Exercise Physiologist. By the end of this session, you will have an individualised exercise program that is tailored to your needs.
  4. Commence twice weekly Group Exercises sessions for 6 weeks or 12 weeks. These sessions are supervised by our Exercise Physiologist (or one of our Physiotherapists). There is a maximum of 4 people in a session to ensure focused care.
  5. Mid-point (6 week) muscle and function testing plus review of exercise program with Exercise Physiologist. This will ensure your program is progressing to maximise your improvement.
  6. 12-week reassessment with Exercise Physiologist. This will include further muscle and function testing plus planning for an ongoing exercise program. Note: it is essential you continue an exercise program.
  7. Progress to an independent exercise program (in gym) or continue with a group exercise program at our Clinic (whichever you prefer).
  8. For those with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia: return to your GP/referring medical practitioner eight months after commencing the program for further bone density (DEXA) testing.


  • Consultations and reviews with the Exercise Physiologist are for 30 min and cost $95 each.
  • Group Exercises sessions are $378 per 12 sessions/6-week block.

Please Note: If you have a Care Plan it can be used for consultations but not group exercise.


If you have any further questions or would like to book into this Program, please call us on 9481 5744.