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The main focus of Clinical Pilates is developing "core" or trunk/pelvic stability. Improving core stability has a role in injury management, injury prevention and dealing with chronic pain.

Our Clinical Pilates is taught by qualified physiotherapists. 

Before you can join our classes, you are required to attend an hour one-on-one assessment with one of our clinical pilates physiotherapists. During this session the physiotherapist will assess you, with the help of real-time ultrasound (see below), in order for a program to be made that is specifically tailored for your needs. 

Before you begin attending classes you will need another half hour one-on-one session so that you can be taken through your program and so that the physiotherapist can make any necessary adjustments. 

The classes are supervised by our Clinical Pilates physiotherapists and are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in duration. The classes are kept small, with a maximum of four participants in each class. The physiotherapist will provide you with feedback about your exercises, so that you are getting the most out of your program every time you attend.

The fees for the Clinical Pilates one-on-one sessions and classes may attract a rebate from your Private Health Insurer. As every health fund (and the level of cover you have) is different, we are unable to tell you how much of a rebate you will receive.

Please contact our reception staff for any further information you may require.

Real-Time Ultrasound

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Real-time ultrasound is used by our physiotherapists to assess how your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle groups are functioning. These muscle groups are important for stabilising the "core" or trunk. Dysfunction of these muscle groups can occur following back pain and childbirth. Feedback about the muscle contractions are used as part of a re-training and rehabilitation programs for your core muscle groups.

*For more information on clinical pilates and timetabling, please see our 'Alphington Exercise + Rehabilitation Centre' page.