Pregnancy Workshops

26 June 2023
Pregnancy Workshops at Alphington Sports Medicine


Our Pregnancy Inmotion Workshops are designed to give you timely access and expert advice on a more personal level.


These supportive and educational workshops were created to assist you through the entirety of their pregnancy and postnatal period. 


This is a unique program in that it combines medical, physiotherapy, exercise and nutrition care for pregnant patients.   


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Cooking With Kristen: Leftover Lamb and Potato Fritters

11 May 2023
Leftover Lamb & Potato Fritters


This recipe came about after a roast dinner I cooked for my family. I overestimated the quantity and was left with an abundance of leftovers. So I decided to transform my day old ingredients into delicious fritters to enjoy over the week (they make a great on-the-go snack!).


This recipe works well with most cooked veg. You could use peas, sweet potato, cauliflower, or corn. Anything you need to use up. If you’re a vegetarian leave out the meat. Enjoy!



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Practitioner Interview – Jennifer Lohmus’ Ice Hockey Work

27 April 2023

Upon the completion of the Australian Ice Hockey League 2022 (AIHL) season with Melbourne Mustangs and Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League 2022/2023 (AWIHL) season working with the Melbourne Mustangs and Melbourne Ice Women, Physiotherapist Jennifer Lohmus went to Sofia, Bulgaria with the Under 18 Australian Boys Ice Hockey Team for the IIHF Division II Group B World Championships.


Now that she’s back, we asked her to tell us a bit about these experiences . . . . 


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Practitioner Interview – Fiona Jacobs working with Gymnastics Australia

29 March 2023

Physiotherapist Fiona Jacobs has just returned from Germany where she supported 15 junior and senior international level MAG and WAG Australian gymnasts competing at the DTB Cup in Stuttgart. 

We asked her to tell us a bit about the experience . . . . 


How and when did you become involved with Gymnastics Australia? 

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Running Tips from Sport & Exercise Physiotherapist Lachlan Bromley

27 March 2023

So, you like to run? And you want to run a little faster?

Or you want to keep running and stay clear of niggles and injuries that hamper your consistency?

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My experience in the running community has taught me a few things that I thought would be helpful to share. These ideas should not be new to you, and there’s is nothing ground-breaking in the text below, but hopefully it’s another voice of reason pointing you in the direction you thought you should be heading anyway!

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Cooking With Kristen: Massaman Curry

27 February 2023
Massaman Curry


A curry for the whole family!

I love a good slow cook recipe. They’re minimal effort with maximum reward. It’s also a great way to get the most out of inexpensive cuts of meat. What I really love about this Massaman curry recipe is that it’s a great family meal. You can make a big enough batch to feed an army. It also freezes well for those looking to meal prep in advance.


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Practitioner Interview - Emma Poynton working at the 2023 Australian Open

05 February 2023

Podiatrist Emma Poynton has just finished working at Melbourne Park, where she provided Podiatry care for all players at the Australian Open.

Her clinic was part of the Player Medical Services (a multi-disciplinary sports medicine team) and was called “Foot Fault”.

Now that the tournament is over we asked her to tell us a bit about the experience . . . .


How did your involvement with the 2023 Australian Open come about and what was your role?

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Shockwave Therapy now available at Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic

12 January 2023

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive, clinically proven method of treating musculoskeletal disorders. It has been found to relieve most patients after just a few treatment sessions, even those suffering from chronic pain.

Administered via a probe held against the skin, radial shockwaves are high-energy soundwaves transmitted on to and passing through the skin, which spread outwards into the underlying tissues.

Shockwave Therapy is used for the treatment of pain related to a number of chronic soft tissue conditions or to assist with pain management.


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Christmas & New Year Hours

28 November 2022

The festive season is fast approaching and it’s been another challenging year, so we wanted to take a moment to say: 

Merry Christmas - here's to happier and healthier times for all in 2023! 

Our standard hours over the Christmas and New Year period are: 
• Monday to Friday 8.00am - 8.00pm, Saturdays 8:30am - 12.00pm 

We are closed on Sundays and on the following Public Holidays: 
• Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 December 2022 
• Monday 2 & Thursday 26 January 2023. 


Stay COVID Safe Everyone!

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Rylie's Recipes: Brown Rice Salad

24 November 2022
Brown Rice Salad


This recipe was first introduced to me by ASM’s in-house podiatrist Emma Poynton, and has since become a staple at family barbeques, as well as a quick and easy weeknight lunch or dinner option. 


I like this recipe because it’s so versatile, you can have it as a side or add some protein like chicken or tuna and make it a meal.


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Additional Testing Equipment at Alphington Sports Medicine Exercise + Rehabilitation

14 November 2022



We’ve recently added another new piece of testing equipment to our Exercise + Rehabilitation Area – ForceDecks.


ForceDecks allows quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement, providing auto-analysed results in real-time.


With this equipment our Physiotherapists can analyse your balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps. They can monitor rehabilitation progress and injury risk, collect baseline data, and improve performance.


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Dr Liam West and Madeleine Thompson working at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

30 August 2022

Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician Dr Liam West and Physiotherapist Madeleine Thompson have just returned from working at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Now that they are back from Birmingham we asked them to tell us a bit about the experience . . . .



How did your involvement with the 2022 Commonwealth Games come about and what was your role?

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Rylie's Recipes: Slow-Cooker Lentil Soup

22 August 2022
Slow-Cooker Lentil Soup

Winter is wrapping up but there’s still time to get in some great meals using a slow-cooker.

If you don’t have a slow cooker I can’t recommend them highly enough. The best options are around $30 from Target or Kmart and it’s just so nice to come home to a ready-made and soul-warming meal like soups or stews.

This recipe is so simple and will take you just 10 minutes to prepare!


Serves 8
Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 4 hours (high) or 8 hours (low)



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Congratulations Dr Peter Harcourt

23 June 2022


Basketball Australia has announced the 2022 inductees to the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame - three of which are Victorians, and that includes Alphington Sports Medicine's own Dr Peter Harcourt!


Peter and his wife Katherine established the Clinic back in 1981 and are both still Directors today. And while we may be a little biased, we think it's very fitting that he joins sporting royalty in the Hall of Fame.


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COVID Update 20/6/2022

20 June 2022

The Victorian Government has announced further easing of COVID-19 restrictions that will come into effect 11:59pm Friday 24 June.


While checking in via a QR Code is no longer needed on our premises, as we are an Allied Health Care Facility, face masks are still required.  


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