06 August 2015

WOW WOW WOW!! What an experience!

In early July, I was fortunate enough to work on the Medical Team for the Aussieroos at the World Summer Universiade Games. They were held in Gwangju, which is 4 hours south of Seoul. It was a very clean city, with friendly people who were warm and accommodating. There were over 14,000 athletes competing from 170 nations. The atmosphere for both the opening and closing ceremonies was electrifying; something that I will always remember.

The medical team consisted of 3 doctors, 3 physiotherapists and 3 massage therapists. Of course, there were many more which assisted the individual teams, such as basketball, swimming, athletics, etc. It was an honour to be integrated with each of those teams and definitely a mind blowing highlight to add to my professional career.

I will always look back on the Games with fondness and great pride to have been a part of them.


-Donna Callela, Massage Therapist