27 May 2021

UPDATED 2/6/2021: As a result of the Victorian Government's announcement of an additional 7 days being added to the lockdown.


The current restrictions we have in place (as outlined below) will remain until COB Thursday 10 June, unless Government guidelines change.


Masks are still required on our premises by all, unless exempt, and we remain open to provide essential care.


Note: If you are travelling outside the new 10km radius from your home to attend an appointment, you can show the SMS confirmation if questioned in transit. We can also provide you with an attendance certificate.


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In line with the most recent announcements from the Victorian Government in relation to COVID19 restrictions, as a health service, we remain open to the public for essential treatments.


Face to face appointments can proceed, if they are deemed essential and telehealth isn’t appropriate, during the 7 day circuit breaker lockdown for:

-        Sport & Exercise Medicine (Doctors and Registrars)

-        Physiotherapy

-        Paediatric Medicine

-        Orthopaedic Surgery

-        Exercise Physiology

-        Podiatry

-        Dietetics

-        Occupational (Hand) Therapy


Massage services will cease during the lockdown, and we will not be offering Group Exercise Classes.


You are still allowed to leave home, and go beyond the 5km limit if required, to receive health care or attend medical appointments - this includes the services we offer at Alphington Sports Medicine Exercise + Rehabilitation.

Note: If you have to travel outside the 5km radius from your home you can show the SMS confirmation of your appointment if questioned in transit. We can also provide you with an attendance certificate.


Phone us on 9482 5211 if you need to make an urgent appointment or have any questions about an existing booking.


Reminder: Telehealth consultations and online bookings are available for many of our services.


Stay safe everyone!