30 May 2019

Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic will soon embark on a major renovation to the main clinic at 339 Heidelberg Rd. Our plan is to bring the services we have at our two sites (ASMC and AERC) under one roof and to rejuvenate the clinic.

Here's some key points about the project:

  • As of Monday 17 June our Physiotherapy, Massage and Occupational (Hand) Therapy services will all work out of Alphington Exercise + Rehabilitation Centre at 376 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield. Podiatry services will be shifted to the upstairs area at Alphington Sports Medicine at 339 Heidelberg Rd.
  • The first phase of the building works at ASMC will see the current waiting room converted into two doctors rooms. Once that is done all the services will have been vacated from the downstairs consulting from the steps down (rear of the clinic).
  • The back section of the clinic will then be demolished and the main construction will involve a two story building at the rear of the clinic that will join into the current two story building.
  • During the construction our Sports Medicine, Podiatry and Nutrition services will remain at 339 Heidelberg Rd.
  • Accommodating all our services in the one building, the extended and rejuvenated clinic will include: 13 physio consulting booths, 5 medical consulting rooms, a large integrated exercise area, lift access to upstairs, increased parking, and much more. 
  • We are in the tender process for the construction company and once that is completed we will know a start date for the construction and also the expected time for completion.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by the renovation work and ask for your patience throughout. We are truly looking forward to having a larger and more modern facility to continue to deliver our excellent services to you well into the future.


In preparation for the renovation work we will be clearing out a lot of storage areas. As part of this we plan to ethically dispose of any old unclaimed x-rays that we are now legally allowed to discard.

If we have any of your old x-rays that you would like to keep please contact the clinic, via email or phone 9481 5744, by Sunday 16 June. We will locate them and contact you when they are ready for collection. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.