08 December 2020

In accordance with the Victorian Government's most recent announcements on mask wearing, we have made some changes to our practices and procedures at Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic - for patients and staff.



While the wearing of masks is no longer mandated in most circumstances, we require masks to be worn by patients at all times (unless medically exempt) when inside our premises and physical distancing cannot be maintained.


As such, masks must be worn:

-        in consults rooms

-        at reception, and in waiting areas.


Masks are recommended, but not mandatory, in Group Exercise Classes as physical distancing requirements can be adhered to in the area.

Please Note:

-        Participants must follow all other class protocols currently in place, including the need to sanitise all equipment after use.

-        The Physiotherapist taking the class is required to wear a mask.


REMEMBER: You still need to carry a face mask with you at all times.



The wearing of masks by health professionals remains a requirement as they (and employees within a healthcare practice) are bound by additional industry obligations for PPE use.


As such:

-        All practitioners will continue to wear masks, but are no longer required to wear goggles or a shield.

-        All reception staff and administrative workers will continue to wear a mask.


Our COVID Safe Plan and Group Exercise Class Protocols have both been updated and can be found on this site.