• The role of Exercise Physiology in Chronic Disease Management

    30 May 2022

    Non-communicable chronic diseases (NCD) like type 2 diabetes, obesity & cardiovascular disease are a public health challenge across the world.


    There are many risk factors in developing these diseases, however we know that modifiable risk factors like exercise and other lifestyle changes play a pivotal role in both reducing the development and progression of chronic diseases. Often increasing our physical activity and improving our dietary behaviours is recommended, yet rarely personalised and integrated into a global treatment plan. 


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  • Incident Management & Concussion Sessions

    15 May 2022


    Sport and Exercise Physician Dr David Bolzonello recently presented Additional Education sessions on Incident Management & Concussion for both the Northern Football Netball League (NFNL) and the Essendon District Football League (EDFL).

    He would like to thank the Leagues for the opportunity to speak to their sports trainers and hopes those who attended found the tips useful. 

    Here is a recap of the key points he covered in the presentation:

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  • Cooking With Kristen: Veggie Loaded Mexican Mince

    10 May 2022
    Veggie Loaded Mexican Mince

    This veggie packed mince is so versatile. Use in burritos, rice bowls, as a bolognese sauce, on top of potato mash or serve with a side salad. This mixture freezes really well so you could meal prep a big batch to save you time during those busy week nights. It’s also very easy to make, budget friendly, nutritious, and super delish!


    Serves 4-5



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