The role of Exercise Physiology in Chronic Disease Management

30 May 2022

Non-communicable chronic diseases (NCD) like type 2 diabetes, obesity & cardiovascular disease are a public health challenge across the world.


There are many risk factors in developing these diseases, however we know that modifiable risk factors like exercise and other lifestyle changes play a pivotal role in both reducing the development and progression of chronic diseases. Often increasing our physical activity and improving our dietary behaviours is recommended, yet rarely personalised and integrated into a global treatment plan. 


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Exercise Physiology For Cancer Patients

14 May 2020

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) has the ability to assist patients in the prevention, management and treatment of chronic and complex conditions through specific exercise programming.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Ashley Bigaran, has considerable experience as a strength and conditioning coach as well as in the field of exercise oncology. She uses exercise medicine to manage and prevent the side effects of cancer treatment.


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Things you may not know about Exercise Physiology

23 November 2017

Accredited Exercise Physiologists may seem relatively new on the Allied Health scene, but they've been around for a while now. Whilst the profession is becoming more familiar, there is still a lot that people aren't aware of.

So here's a few things that you may not know about what an Exercise Physiologists can offer.


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50% off ViMove Assessments during December

23 November 2017

At Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic we understand that your pain and movement is as unique as your fingerprint, and have therefore embraced cutting edge clinical technology - ViMove.

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