• Adam Culvenor Published in Sports Physio Magazine

    Our friend Adam Culvenor (physiotherapist) has been doing some fantastic research into linkages between ACL reconstruction and early onset knee arthritis. He has recently returned to Australia after completing a large portion of his PhD in Oslo, Norway. His work was recently published in the Australian Physiotherapy Association Sports Physio Magazine. Well done Adam! Another great contribution to the field!

  • Possible links between ACL reconstruction and early arthritis

    Adam Culvenor (physiotherapist) is currently undertaking his PhD investigating the link between knee reconstruction and arthritis of the patellofemoral joint. This blog piece is a small introduction to his study and how to be involved.

    Adam is currently undertaking his PhD at the University of Melbourne. He has been investigating people who have had an ACL reconstruction between 5 and 10 years ago and the aim of his research is to try and determine why so many people develop early arthritis after ACL reco and only a few others don't. 
Patients Adam has been working with are asked to have an x-ray of both of their knees at no cost to them, and depending on the results of their x-ray, are asked either to participate in a 3D biomechanical assessment at the University of Melbourne, which takes about 2 hours to complete, or another part of the study which is looking at the immediate effects of an offloading brace on their knee function and pain which will take about 2 hours also.

    If Adam's research is of interest or for how to be involved please don't hestitate to contact the clinic for more information or how to be intouch with Adam.

  • Clinic News - April 2012

    Happy Easter to all. We hope the break has left everyone refreshed and you all had a great holiday. We update you with what's been happening this month at ASMC....

    - Kim Allison (physiotherapist) has begun at the clinic. She is currently taking clinical pilates classes at AERC. Welcome Kim!

    - Professional Development has continued to flourish with our own Adam Culvenor's practical follow-up on osteoarthritis and ACL reconstruction. Thanks Adam. Very informative.

    - The beginning of April brought Australian Cricket Team physio, Alex Kountouris (former Alphington Sports Med Physio) to talk on lumbar spine injury.........read more about it.

    - Steve Evans (physiotherapist) has returned to work at ASMC. We are over the moon to have Steve Back!

    - We announce that all appointments will now be confirmed via SMS for all practitioners. Patients will be sent an SMS prior to their appointments prompting to confirm attendance.